Discussion on Parasites

Hi. I’m Dr. Jared Nielsen here in Heber City in Utah with the Nielsen Clinic. I’d like to visit with you today a very important topic related to parasites. Probably something that most people want to avoid the discussion of because who wants to admit or acknowledge that they’ve caught something from their pet, or from the water, or from some river, or some form or source that they may not even be aware of.

When we look at parasites, we talk about those different organisms that could afflict the GI system. Giardia, amoeba, round worms, different types of flukes, and these organisms try to create within us a lasting relationship.

Some references say right now that up to 83, to even 86 percent of Americans have a chronic parasite. According to the World Congress of Tropical Disease and Medicine, at least 45 percent of Americans have chronic amoeba infections and they’ll actually carry those to the grave.

When we look at afflictions or symptoms especially in children, the inability to rest is a common symptom of parasites. A child will be either unable to fall asleep, particularly, stay asleep or even feel restful.

If you’re child isn’t able to have that good quality of sleep, they’re missing out on an opportunity for growth because during the night the body is actually healing. The greatest amount of growth hormone is released and the child isn’t able then to recover and mature.

If you see your child looking a little ashen, especially unable to sleep, maybe we need to look for parasites. Commonly, we also see skin afflictions. One of the more common skin afflictions that I’ve seen correlated to parasites is psoriasis.

When we ask people about their psoriasis’ history, and that’s that reddened skin with the flaky appearance to it, we’re seeing that especially at the elbows and on the knees. In children, you’ll see it often on the scalp and that scalp presentation and down onto the spine, we really look closely as it’s a potential indication of parasites.

I’ve been working for quite a while with some different labs regarding parasites. There are several out there that do a good job, but recently, I have been introduced to a doctor, Raphael d’Angelo from Colorado. He’s a medical pathologist. His information can be found at Parawellnessresearch.com. We’ll give that information again.

Dr. d’Angelo had done his tour after finishing medical school in Vietnam. When he was there, he observed several of the military men, the soldiers, coming out of the jungles having these different health afflictions.

He started to delve more deeply into the analysis and evaluation of parasitology. What he found he said was just absolutely amazing, the correlation to their wellness and the disease process and these parasites.

He is now retired, but has a private lab, the Parawellnessresearch.com. In his personal lab, he actually takes both urine and a stool sample. He prepares those on a slide. He looks at those through the microscope and then stains each of the slides in specific ways to actually identify organisms or different phases of the organism based off of the slide preparation and staining techniques.

Great, great technique because the test kits that I’ve been sending to him now, we’ve had a 100 percent of the patients coming back with a positive on those. Everything again from worms to different types of amoebas, different types of protozoans, as well as yeasts. He also will send it out for immunoassay to be able to determine if the immune system is reacting, for example, to Giardia or Cryptosporidium.

The nice thing about working with Dr. d’Angelo is because he’s a medical doctor. He can gives us a recommendation both for the medical prescriptive type of a treatment as well as using a natural compounding pharmacy that uses a natural or a botanical type of a treatment for the patient.

Typically, the treatment covers three months. After the three months, Dr. d’Angelo recommends that we do a follow-up parawellness test to prove that we’ve eliminated the infection and actually then see a resolution of the symptoms.

In symptoms of parasitology, especially in children, include some of the neuro-developmental delays that we see. Some children are responding well with autism through the treatment of parasites. Some children with ADD or Attention Deficits are also responding well to parasite treatments.

When we look also in adults, again, weight gain, weight loss, depression, abdominal pain, food sensitivities also associated with parasites. Dr. d’Angelo actually reports that many of the parasites that we think or have thought would be eliminated by chlorination in drinking water are actually passing directly through it and that actually becomes a source for us.

Our pets that maybe in our homes or around our homes, we treat them for parasites but forget to take care of ourselves. Poorly processed or poorly prepared meats can actually create in us that potential for parasite infection as well as vegetables.

Vegetables that come to us seasonally, many of us can’t grow in our own garden during the year have to come from other areas and other regions and may again have been contaminated by some type of a parasite, either again by an application of fertilizer, some type of [inaudible 49:40] in the water that’s being spread onto the plant, as well as potential human interaction with that.

The key is detecting them. We found in Dr. d’Angelo a great resource, Parawellnessresearch.com. I highly recommend looking him up or working with us to able to access that information. If you have any question or if you suspect that you may have a parasite, let’s run a test to find out what specifically may be there and see how your body and your health can improve.

I’m Dr. Jared Nielsen. Thanks for taking the time to watch this video.

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