How To Make A Homemade Sports Drink

Hi, I’m Dr. Jared Nielsen, the Nielsen Clinic here in Heber City, Utah. I’d like to talk about a frequent question that I receive, especially when we’re talking about the student-athlete. So often I have parents and student-athletes ask me, “What should I be taking to maintain my muscle mass? What should I be taking to improve my performance?”

Consistently, what I recommend is hydration and with the hydration, the same concept that we use in raising beef cattle. When I worked with a veterinarian, whenever I’ve worked with cattlemen who were trying to get the most muscle produced per pound of feed utilized, the most important nutrient that you can offer for growing muscle is a salt block, a salt lick.

What we’ve found for people is a Bio Nativus brand electrolyte drop, which is basically an extract from the Great Salt Lake that just provides essential electrolytes, minerals for being able to establish healthy muscles. When you look at the sports drinks, most sports drinks that are produced from a marketing standpoint just simply use, again, a sugar, a simple coloring, a flavoring, and then salt.

This has a full complement of the essential electrolytes and the trace minerals that can only be found in seawater. Some studies have been done to test different bodies of water throughout the world and what they’ve found is that the Great Salt Lake here in Utah actually has the highest concentration of trace minerals, and that’s something that Bio Natvius has utilized.

When you look at this particular product, it comes in two sizes. A larger bottle that’s two-ounce will actually last the average athlete from three months to even up to four months, depending on how frequently they are using that. The other thing that we find is instead of just using tremendous amounts of protein that we use the building blocks to proteins which are called amino acids and this particular product, by Biotics is Amino Acid Quick-Sorb. It works very very well at regaining muscles strength and recovering quickly.

When I go skiing, I try to ski and go hard as I can down mountain off times as I’ve done several runs in a row my quads will start to burn and I start to feel like immediate a little bit of a cramp. Try to keep this is my ski pant as I’m going up to lift, I just take the lid off. I just take a little sip of it or just a squirp and hold that in my mouth for just a moment and then swallow. By the time I hit the top of the lift, my quad burn is gone and I can raise down the mountain again.

For the average person, who just likes to work out hard, but hitting quickly their VO2 max and not able to continue to push if you used this part just to direct squirp it helps with rapid recovery.

Another benefit, because again it is the amino acids in their pure form…amino acids can also assists in the precursor or building blocks of neurotransmitter as well. There’s a product that I also used very often with my children who have autism, children with neuro-developmental delays, children with ADD, focus or inattention, this really helps feed the brain and so as we talk about neuro-developmental delays this is a key nutrition as well.

When we look at people who have experience other neuro trauma for example post accident or post concussive something that we can use as well. We could just to show you quickly a way to make your own home sports drink. Take a water bottle. Take the lid off and put it in one drop per six pounds of body weight. Again, that’s one drop of the Bio Nativus electrolyte drops per six pounds of body weight.

If you’re a 180 pounds, you’re going to use approximately 30 drops and when you just activate it. I like to just shake it a little bit and then enter those drops count them out for your body weight. Then take the Amino Acid Quick-Sorb and again a similar drop presentation where you actually use one drop per six pounds of body weight so again 30 drops into your water bottle.

For flavor and again for just a quick sugar response, used one to two and up to four tablespoons of a frozen juice concentrate. Put into your water bottle and then shake that up and you actually create your own sports drink that has a balance of electrolytes, building amino acids for your proteins and then a little bit of sugar for rapid recovery.

I drink one of those before your performance and one again after performance. You’ll be amazed how quickly you recover and also how quickly your muscles feel restored and ready perform again.

I hope that’s a helpful tip to you especially again for mothers who have student athletes. One of the best things you can offer for your children is your own homemade sports drink. Better than anything that’s marketed, free of all the colors, the sugars and the dyes. You can actually provide for them something that will sustain them and help them recover quickly. Thanks for watching.