Introduction to Our New TheraLaser

I’m Dr. Jared Nielsen here at The Nielsen clinic in Heber City, Utah. I have with me today a technology created by Dr. Gary Bellinger, it’s called the Phoenix Thera-Lase. In all my years of studying laser and laser applications, this is the finest laser that I’ve seen.

I’ve worked for years with dentists in surgical lasers, I’ve worked for years with the cold lasers, and for healing in the applications FDA approval for burns and wound care, this by far, produces the most output of energy and just stimulates healing so quickly I had to share it with you.

When we look at dispersing light, the light that comes into a room from a light bulb. The photons from that light bulb are actually dispersed in a random direction and consequently give us the ability to see without creating a tremendous amount of heat. Most laser…

Most laser therapy and especially in the cold laser realm does not produce heat however this particular Phoenix Thera-Lase you can actually immediately feel heat. For example, if you’ve used the laser pointer you see how in a classroom the dispersing light that surround illuminates the whole room, but you can actually use the light associate with that point of view create a focal point that then you can actually follow or direct, but then it stimulates the mitochrondria, which are the powerhouse of the cell and then to assist in the automatic rhythm of healthy cells.

If cells have been damage, if cells have been traumatized, if they’ve been cut or burned or if they’re in a healing model of some degree either due to infection or post surgical, post concussive, we can actually stimulate the healing of the cells and you actually see healing before your eyes.

We can reduce pain very quickly. We can increase range of motion very quickly, but most importantly where the technology applies for us is in the neurologic realm and in the healing realm.

Our excitement for this is that we can actually see our rapid change of the body. Primary areas of treatment protocols have been applied to conditions including autoimmunity, bed sores, post trauma, burns, neurologic disorders, autoimmune disorders that inclusive autroticize or rheumatoid arthritis, the depositing type auto-immunities like children’s disease and several other conditions that are more common for people in day to day life.

Especially the athlete who may have experience some type of a sprain or a strain to a muscle or joint, someone who’s again experience some type of neurologic trauma; headaches; temporomandibular joint dysfunction; post-dental surgical procedures; post-dental treatments. We can rapidly reduce inflammation and stimulate the healing.

As we look for, again, applications in the future for people who would be coming to our office, all of these have application, as you know if you’ve been to our office that we do work with all of these conditions.

So we’re very excited to introduce this technology at this time. We look forward to being able to share it with you. Thanks again to Dr. Gary Bellinger, to Ms. Hilla Grimmer here in Utah who’s shared this technology with us. Just want to express our gratitude to both of them at this time. So thank you.

Video production by Cocoa Productions