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The Nielsen Clinic | Park City Utah Chiropractic & Plantar Fasciitis - The Nielsen Clinic Heber City

Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spurs

Plantar Fasciitis (heel spurs) is one of the most common causes of heel pain that can be very debilitating and extremely frustrating to cope with. It is caused by an inflammation of the plantar fascia that begins at the heel and runs along the bottom of the foot to the toes. It is often symptomatic with stabbing pain upon waking up in the morning that may decrease with some activity during the day. Pain in the heel and bottom of the foot after sitting or standing for extended periods of time are also indicative of plantar fasciitis. There may be several factors that contribute to symptoms and treatment is not a “cookie cutter” approach to help each patient. At our Heber City Nielsen Clinic, we do extensive history and physical exam to determine all the factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. Symptoms may be due to structure of the foot and lower extremities, basic neurological imbalance in the brain, tone of surrounding musculature, lack of arch support, footwear, orthotics, diet, scar tissue build up, decreased vascular flow, or other foot/leg conditions.  We look at the whole person from a neurologic, functional, and structural perspective as we approach this condition and try to give you the best personal treatment to resolve your symptoms.

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