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The Nielsen Clinic | Park City Utah The Nielsen Clinic Can Help with a Sprained Ankle.

sprained-ankleSprain & Strains

Many of us are familiar with these terms in relation to soft tissue injury. Often times these terms are used interchangeably, but they are two distinct forms of injury that are approached differently with treatment. Essentially it comes down to a difference of what tissue is injured. Strains are tears of muscle or tendinous tissue that attach muscle to bone and primarily provide mobility to joints and body. Sprains are tears of ligaments that connect bone to bone and primarily provide stability and strength to joints. Both sprains and strains are graded on a 1-3 scale or mild/moderate/severe. Strains typically heal faster than sprains due to amount of blood flow and amount of nutrients that are readily available in muscle as compared to ligamentous tissue. Recovery from mild strain injuries may be days up to 2 weeks, while severe may be up to 4-6 months recovery depending on the injured muscle and the degree of the tear. Sprains may can take up to twice time to fully heal, but may be more functional with proper stabilization applied. Common treatments that we use in our Heber City Wellness Clinic for these conditions are chiropractic manipulation/mobilization, functional taping, rehabilitative exercises, tobacco poultices for reduced swelling, and therapeutic laser treatment to enhance the healing capabilities, and to reduce pain and inflammation.

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