Sports Medicine

The Nielsen Clinic specializes in treating a wide variety of sports injuries and conditions and can even help with sports enhancement. Whether you are a weekend warrior, amateur/student athlete, compete professionally, workout for fun, or just trying to get back into a better exercise regimen, we can definitely help you out.

Sports Physicals

We provide physicals for those wanting to get onto an exercise program or if you need a physical for sports participation.

Concussion Screening

Concussions can almost be impossible to determine in the first few hours after injury despite screening protocols that are employed. Concussions can only be diagnosed through examination of a trained professional and shouldn’t be treated lightly. Not even advanced imaging like an MRI or CT scan can detect a concussion. As many as 50% of concussions go unreported and could leave you vulnerable to developmental delays, memory problems, lead to mental health disorders, and effect overall brain functionality. If you suspect that you or somebody you know may potentially have a concussion, we can help you with diagnosis, management, and making sure that you are cleared to return to normal activities.

Rehabilitative Exercises

Rehabilitation is a vital part of recovering from injury, reducing risk of future injury, to help improve strength, performance, and durability. Many athletes move incorrectly and are predisposed to injury due to poor functional motion and compensation from inappropriate muscle groups. We ensure proper biomechanical, muscular, functional motion, strengthening and activation to improve your current and prevent future conditions.

Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractic and sports go hand-in-hand when it comes to dealing with acute musculoskeletal injuries. Athletes need proper motion at the core and their spine, but many injuries occur in sports to the extremity joints that in turn affect the spine and functional motion. We are trained in and specialize in extremity adjusting to aid in reduced injury effect, improved healing, and to help you return to play ASAP.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

IASTM used to treat soft tissue conditions, improve motion, and aid in rehabilitation for improved and more efficient healing. Muscle pain is usually due to build up of scar tissue which is built up in the absence of adequate oxygen which leads to changes in muscle texture, tension, and motion to the region of pain and discomfort. It is performed in acute situations to improve healing and to decrease the buildup of scar tissue, and it is done in chronic situations to break existing scar tissue and get blood to that area to allow healing to increase the motion, improve texture and tension of the musculature. The tools utilized have different edges for different types of conditions and we have multiple tools to help both compress tissues and to distract (cause separation of connective and muscle tissues). Often times used as an adjunct to

Manual Myofascial Release

A soft tissue technique used to relief muscle and other soft tissue conditions performed by hand. It is effective for both acute and chronic strains to facilitate blood flow, detoxification, and muscle functionality. Methods are intended to stretch, relax, activate, and reduce scar tissue through introduction of oxygen and neural response into the area. The lack of oxygen leads to the development of scar tissue that leads to changes in texture, tension, and motion in the musculature that is the cause of many aches and pains that are muscle related. Manual myofascial techniques are vital to help reduce pain associated with soft tissues and may be used in conjunction with IASTM for best results.

Functional Taping

We incorporate various taping methods to help you with injury management and ability to return to play as soon as possible to help provide stability, pain relief, lymphatic drainage, and increased proprioception. We utilize tab taping with leukotape which is much stronger and more durable than white athletic tape, so not as much needs to be used to have the desired effect. It is typically used in the feet, ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, and wrists for a variety of conditions especially sprains/strains, or is even strong enough to help with manipulation and mobilization of the spine. We also use elastic taping techniques with Kinesio Gold tape to allow for improved lymphatic drainage, pain relief, and nerve proprioception. The Kinesio Gold is more adhesive than other Kinesio tapes available and is of higher quality with its results. Both leukotape and Kinesio Gold tape can be worn for 3-4 days, including with showering and regular activity. With proper taping technique, you may be surprised at how soon you may be able to return to activity.

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